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Two-color laser trademark

1, the usual laser security label printing is through the corresponding plate-making for manual plate-making, its label light effect will be worse than the computer version of this kind of label is primarily used in some goods seal, or used in some places where the request is not high, such as dealers to identify their distribution of goods.

2, spot anti-counterfeiting skills also known as dynamic speckle anti-counterfeiting skills, is the use of laser inherent coherence, so that the commodity speckle together with computer control, reasonable adjustment of speckle shape and rules to make it for example dynamic, and is a metal color, not the traditional colorful spectrum of color.

3, three-dimensional laser label three dimensional dot matrix security technology manufacturing dot matrix security labels, also known as 3D security labels. This technique is similar to lithography dot array holograms, which are also composed of a series of dot arrays. Because each point in the lithography hologram is a grating, everything labeled is a two-dimensional picture of various changes. And each point of the three-dimensional dot array hologram is a point hologram, so it can reflect the depth of space, so it is called three-dimensional dot array hologram anti-counterfeiting, he completed the virtual space business real meaning of three-dimensional display, can be completed for any three-dimensional data true color three-dimensional display.

4, open type or scraping type laser digital anti-counterfeit label open type or scraping type laser anti-counterfeit label is laser holographic skills with digital anti-counterfeit organic contact, the biggest advantage is overcome the characteristics of laser label each label are the same, also can let the consumer can together is convenient to identify the authenticity of the label, its behind each label combination is the only, consumers can through the corresponding phone, web, text messaging and so on method validation.

5, holographic dot array lithography laser security label this label is usually a number of laser holographic skills induction application, such as holographic dot array, multi-channel skills, stealth encryption, etc.. Label appearance light folded, anti - counterfeiting function is also relatively high. After nearly 20 years of development, laser tag has been widely used in many occupations.

6, open the word security label this label is laser to open the word security label, is the use of laser security technology contact special film information manufacturing labels. Yin and Yang film is laser opened leave word security label, is the laser holography skills and special plate making skills, the label features no difference in appearance and laser label, but affixed to the goods or packaging, lifted, there will be a part of the content left on the goods, and show the booking picture or text.