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Sihui technology development co., ltd. was founded in June, 2010. In order to achieve industrial optimization and resource integration, through our efforts and continuous innovation, we have truly realized the perfect integration of anti-counterfeiting technology and packaging and printing products, forming an integrated packaging industry.

Business scope: security technology, printing and packaging technology research and development; Production, processing and wholesale of anti-counterfeiting technology products; Research and development, production, processing and wholesale of paper, paper products and membrane products; Packaging and decoration printing; Printing of other printed materials; Import and export of goods and technologies.

Main products: paper print, printing composite technology, three-dimensional grating material UV printing, holographic technology products, seamless laser hot stamping film, transparent laser hot stamping film, general version of laser hot stamping film, page orientation laser hot stamping film, hollow out laser hot stamping film, composite tensile laser positioning/transfer film (paper), single/drum laser positioning printing film/paper, drum laser positioning should brush film/paper, etc.

Application field: the products can be widely used in tobacco and alcohol, teaching materials, daily chemical, medicine, finance, securities and other fields. It is a designated manufacturer of anti-counterfeiting products in China, and also a full member of China anti-counterfeiting industry association, China anti-counterfeiting technology association, China packaging technology association, and is rated as a high-tech enterprise.

Companies development for several years, the rapid growth, the existing staff of nearly 200 people, through various channels to introduce qualified teachers in colleges and universities in the college students, graduate students, including college degree or above accounted for more than 50%, and has a number of research in the field of technology in the industry for many years of technical experts, at the same time the introduction of international advanced production equipment and technology, build up a strong scientific research team. Relying on the domestic first-class management team, first-class anti-counterfeiting design, product design and technical research and development team, we can provide a full set of services from product design, material research and development, production and sales integration, which has won the trust of customers.

With the eternal pursuit of "creating a first-class brand and making a century-old enterprise", adhering to the business philosophy of "taking science and technology as the driving force, striving for survival by quality, winning the market by integrity, and striving for the first-class service", the company aims to build the first brand of anti-counterfeiting packaging and printing in China, forge ahead in the land of China, and write a new glorious and dream.