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Security wire
This technology basically does not destroy the original texture and characteristics of paper, after printing will not have any impact on writing, printing.

In the process of making paper, special metal wires or polyester plastic wires of different colors, microprinting wires or fluorescent wires are embedded at specific positions in the watermark paper.

When viewed by light, a single unbroken or broken line can be seen buried in the paper base.

The shape of the line is generally a straight line, can also be made into wavy, sawtooth security line anti-counterfeiting A4 paper custom security line anti-counterfeiting paper factory


Open window security wire discontinuous exposure to paper, photocopying with the copier, exposed metal wire is copied into a discontinuous black line, so can not be copied.

Security line can be designed into a variety of colors, security line security A4 paper custom security line security paper factory

Also can double color interval with a line, the line can also have microcharacters.

Our company in addition to customizing the special edition of anti-counterfeiting paper, that is, according to the requirements of the customer paper, watermark content, paper thickness, size, whether with security line and other requirements are customers.

Special printing paper is generally moq, security line anti - counterfeiting A4 paper custom security line anti - counterfeiting paper factory

Less than 1 ton to do, papermaking time is long, generally 1-2 months.

In addition to customized printing paper, we also have stock printing paper for customers with low consumption. These stock printing paper is A4 size, which can be used by customers for printing, or cut to size according to your needs for printing.

Security line security paper A4 custom security line security paper factory

The moq of printed paper in stock is small, and we can ship it at any time. The moq of 100 pieces of A4 size can be sold, and the price is much cheaper than paper.

Spot anti - counterfeiting paper for chrysanthemum anti - counterfeiting paper, panda security line anti - counterfeiting paper, peace dove security line anti - counterfeiting paper