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Security optical film
3D dynamic anti-counterfeiting product types

* microlens array type: same technical source as crane currency

* non-microlens array type products: unique patented technology, unique double shadow effect

The above two types of products are involved in precision coating and template production, with a high technical threshold, the difficulty of counterfeiting is extremely high. These technologies include soft film technology and seamless stitching technology of mother film. Moreover, the dynamic 3D anti-counterfeiting film with new structure has applied for a Chinese invention patent, which eliminates the possibility of infringing the patent risk of Crane currency of the United States.

| 3D dynamic anti-counterfeiting products market

* passport, nameplate, Logo, visa, banknote, stamp, bill, pass, financial certificate, commercial certificate, security paper, etc.

* products covered: electronics, food, wine, beverages, cigarettes, drugs, health care products, cosmetics, washing products, clothing, medical equipment, chemical fertilizers, pesticides, seeds, trademarks, etc.

At present, only some mainstream high-end products in foreign countries are using dynamic anti-counterfeiting film technology, and the product known to use this technology in China is HP printing ink.