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Security certificate
1. Tuanhua: printing all kinds of flower plates on the security label, which has high technical appreciation at the same time of security. Also can be combined with the product and company image design personalized tuanhua security labels.

2. Ground pattern: it is the element that connects various different elements repeatedly according to regularity and continuity, but it is the straight line, curve, ripple line and so on. Often used for identification above the security mark.

3. Lace: used for printing on the edge of the product, with a variety of complex lace, through the change of its elements and colors has reached the role of decoration and anti-counterfeiting.

4. Latent image: the relevant words and patterns are printed in the plates, giving the impression that the words and patterns are lurking in the prints

5 relief: the use of relief processing, using lines as shading, this kind of security label technology is widely used.

6 microcosm: text to the size of the naked eye can not change, this anti-counterfeiting technology design is simple, the effect is very good.

7. Anti-scanning: lines that can no longer be seen with modern ultra-accurate scanners and photoengraving. This prevents reproduction of printed matter.

8. Image processing: apply different lines and combine with the background pattern of printed matter, and then produce various anti-counterfeiting effects according to different data programs.