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Security CARDS

I. international ** re-transfer verification card production technology, leading the next generation of personalized production trend, to reach the real photo-level production effect, to achieve perfect edge to edge high definition double-sided printing.
JVC UV80 Ⅱ hd CARDS printer using the current international * * * to confirm card production technology, will be the first card image to print on the * * resin transfer printing film, then the printing film laminated to the card back pressure fusion, so avoid traditional CARDS printer of the built-in electronic chip, RFID coil surface is not very smooth card can't be perfect printing, and even damage electronic chips or the print head. It can achieve the real photo-level production effect, and perfect high definition edge to edge printing.
JVC UV80 Ⅱ hd CARDS printer can print perfectly contact, non-contact IC card, ID card, magnetic stripe CARDS, ultra-thin card card (such as the thickness of 0.25 mm), mobile phone SIM card and so on, even when you are in very close to the chip to print the image does not need to consider the chip positioning problem without damage to print head, and can be printed in different materials such as PET, PVC, ABS and PC card, can get high quality print effect.
UV80 Ⅱ hd all CARDS printer double-sided resin membrane technology, not only greatly improve the color stability, at the same time greatly improve the durability of the card, integrity, scraping resistance, water proofing property.
Two, the real ultra-high-speed printing... [explanation of terms]
JVC UV80 Ⅱ hd card card printer is currently the fastest on the market and then transfer type CARDS printer, because it used the transverse printing technology, shorten the printing and laminating process. At the same time, the built-in automatic turnover mechanism supports single-sided and double-sided printing (optional), which can print 100 single-sided CARDS and 50 double-sided CARDS per hour. At the same time, it is equipped with 1000 pieces/set of printing consumables, 200 pieces of super-large capacity enclosed card box, which can reduce the time of replacing ribbon and card, and keep the card clean and tidy.
Three, unique rollover correction function, completely solve the retransfer printer single-side printing card bending technical problems (optional)... [explanation of terms]
JVC UV80 Ⅱ hd CARDS printer in transfer printing laminating rollers designed a flip straightening rollers in the opposite direction. When printing single-sided card, the rollover rectifying roller is enabled. When printing double-sided card, the rollover rectifying roller is stopped, which completely solves the bending problem of single-sided card.
Four, fluorescent, laser anti - counterfeiting printing
Fluorescent security ribbon (YMCKUV) can be easily printed on your card.
Choose laser security laminating module can easily achieve laser security laminating printing on your card.
V. multiple expansion functions
JVC UV80 Ⅱ hd CARDS printer optional laser membrane module, magnetic module, non-contact IC card/contactless IC card module.
Advantages in card printing equipment of the same level
Adopt transverse single channel transmission, effectively avoid card jam and other problems.
The function of electronic lock is added to enhance the security and controllability of the equipment.
Advanced photoelectric thermal transfer technology is adopted to make the laminating transfer more uniform and reliable.
Seven, JVC UV80 Ⅱ hd CARDS printer peculiar function
1. Ribbon erasure function (standard)
Two, currency level UV fluorescent anti-counterfeiting printing
Iii. Consumable electronic safety lock (standard)