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Qr code security mark

One: what is the encryption of two-dimensional code security labels?
To put it simply, the two-dimensional code reading and authenticity verification, must use a special encryption and decryption procedures, to obtain the query content, so as to effectively prevent the fraud of criminals.
So how is it printed? What are the advantages?
1: special software generates encrypted seed security code.
2: encryption seed security code to generate irreversible security code.
3: printing equipment computer through special communication hardware, from the encryption server to obtain real-time encryption security code.
4: the printing equipment will read the data and print it on the material.
5: after the printing, the dryer drying, speed up the drying of ink.
6: ink drying, after coating equipment coating.
7: according to customer requirements, the two-dimensional code security label die cutting and packaging.
8: during the whole process, the printer cannot contact any security number. In addition, the security code number is encrypted and cannot be recognized by the naked eye. This wraps the security of the data.
9: can combine with WeChat, scan get red envelope
10: channeling goods management and points management
11: brand promotion