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Qr code security
Qr code security label function With the development of mobile Internet, coupled with the use of qr code, qr code security labels have been favored by businesses and consumers. Nowadays, qr codes are not only used for adding friends, scanning codes and payment, but also used in the anti-counterfeiting industry. As the medium for online and offline communication, qr codes have interactive capabilities that traditional media do not have. The use of qr code, it can carry rich product information content. With the development of the Internet and the application and popularization of mobile phones, enterprises have begun to use the advantages of mobile Internet to carry out anti-counterfeiting, traceability, anti-channeling goods, intelligent marketing, e-commerce and other applications. What functions does qr code security label have? 1, product security inquiry. Consumers can scan qr codes on products to verify their authenticity, thus avoiding the risk of buying fake products. 2. Anti-channeling function. Mobile phone can scan the qr code of product packaging to obtain logistics information (the product external code corresponds to the internal code of the logistics information). When the product is out of the warehouse, the qr code can be scanned to manage the established dealers and products, so as to prevent the occurrence of goods movement. 3, qr code security labels with marketing function. Qr code anti-counterfeiting labels can not only achieve the anti-counterfeiting, anti-channeling goods and other functions of the product, but also can conduct marketing interaction on the product. For example, we often come into contact with such marketing functions as scanning code, drawing red envelopes and collecting points, so as to obtain user data information. Through the analysis of user data, it provides data support for the secondary marketing strategy.