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PET location anti - counterfeiting label
Classification of hot stamping

Hot stamping can be divided into through hot stamping and positioning hot stamping, through hot stamping is too common, so rarely used in the label production, label for positioning hot stamping.

What is positioning hot stamping trademark

Locating hot stamping anti-counterfeiting trademark is to use the electric eye to locate the hot stamping pattern, which has higher technical difficulty and higher anti-counterfeiting efficiency than ordinary full-plate hot stamping.

Locate the production process of hot stamping trademarks

Hot stamping process is as follows: hot stamping plate to the aluminum oxide, the stripping layer melting, then the adhesive layer also melting, in the embossing adhesive layer and substrate bonding, coloring layer and polyester film from the base, the coating layer and coloring layer on the substrate.

Location hot stamping label application

Location hot stamping trademark application field: location hot stamping because of high production costs, the price is higher than the ordinary label, so this kind of label is generally used in high-end products on the anti-counterfeiting, cigarettes, card security, etc.