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Packet security technology, amazing

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It is said that our Chinese cigarette packs are the most comprehensive packaging products with the highest precision requirements and the most comprehensive printing technology, which is comparable to banknotes and securities.

So from the past to the present, what are the main anti-counterfeiting technology on cigarette packets?


Ink anti-counterfeit

The ink-based anti-counterfeiting technology is mainly to add anti-counterfeiting materials with special properties into the ink materials and make special printing inks through special processing.

This kind of anti-counterfeiting technology is characterized by simple implementation, low cost, good concealment, bright colors and convenient inspection. The main security inks for printing are:

(1) invisible fluorescent ink anti-counterfeiting materials for invisible fluorescent ink, printing technology is simple, the ink printed invisible patterns or text, under ultraviolet light irradiation, presents a clear and bright pattern, convenient detection, wide range of application, the drawback is because it is invisible that is colorless, so its registration difficulty is high.

(2) visible fluorescent ink security materials for visible fluorescent ink, printing process is simple, accurate alignment, printing effect and ordinary ink printing effect, but under ultraviolet light, printed matter presents an abnormal brightness, at this time can be different from ordinary ink.

(3) temperature-changing ink security materials for temperature-changing ink, method has colorless, colorless ink color. Temperature varies from high to low, reversible to irreversible. Convenient detection.


The paper anti-counterfeiting

Change the fiber density of some pulp in papermaking with special process method, will need to mark or pattern into the paper, under the strong light irradiation, can clearly show the anti-counterfeiting mark.


Holographic anti-counterfeiting

Holographic security is a new security technology developed by the application of laser holographic technology, also known as laser holographic security.

At present, the cigarette manufacturing enterprises on cigarette packets is used laser hologram positioning hot stamping anti-counterfeiting technology, namely on the automatic height positioning hot stamping equipment, through the photoelectric recognition, holographic anti-counterfeiting printing film on certain parts of the hot stamping hologram accurately to the box on the specified location, it covers the encrypted hologram, true color holographic anti-counterfeit technology, etc.


Stay anti-counterfeiting

Gold wire is the line used to open the cigarette packaging box at one end of the small cigarette box. At the same time, it can organically integrate laser molding, holographic encryption, special fluorescence, graphic microfilming, computer recognition and other technologies, and has a certain anti-counterfeiting function.

According to the needs, the text and pattern on the pull line can also be personalized design, which plays a good role in fighting fake smoke.


Printing process anti-counterfeiting

As has been said before, the anti-counterfeiting level of cigarette package is comparable to that of RMB, so a single anti-counterfeiting technology is not enough. What are you going to use in terms of printing?

Stereoscopic printing: integrating grating stereoscopic imaging technology and printing technology, plane printing image can present stereoscopic vision and unique visual experience of variation.

Microprint: the printing of very small text on a solid or dotted line that looks like ordinary printing, or on a printing point or a certain part of the shading pattern. The microprint can be read with a magnifying glass or microscope, and it is difficult for counterfeiters to reproduce accurately.

For example, the details of the package design of zhonghua tobacco can be seen at a magnification of 20 times.


Watermark anti-counterfeiting

Many cigarette products in the paper are watermark security, in the watermark paper thread is disconnected, so whether there is a watermark on the paper, watermark thread is disconnected and watermark text and text thickness and density for identification. !