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Ordinary laser laser security label
Laser anti-counterfeiting technology

Laser security is also known as laser security, or laser holographic security. Laser anti - counterfeiting technology includes three aspects: laser hologram anti - counterfeiting, encryption laser hologram anti - counterfeiting and laser lithography anti - counterfeiting.

Laser holography is a stereoscopic photographic technology developed rapidly after laser was introduced in 1960s. Holograms, which means "all information," can also record spatial changes in an object, as opposed to just changes in light and shade recorded by ordinary photography. Holographic anti-counterfeiting technology dongxinmeng anti-counterfeiting printing company is arranged as follows:

1. Conventional holographic anti-counterfeiting technology

2. Multi-channel holographic anti-counterfeiting technology

3. Stealth encryption technology

4.360° computer lattice holographic technology,

5. Double-layer holography

6. Fluorescence encryption holography,

7. Dynamic coding anti-counterfeiting technology

8. Telephone code anti-counterfeiting technology

Nuclear micro hole anti - counterfeiting technology and gene anti - counterfeiting technology, and has a clear image, colorful, three-dimensional strong, disposable characteristics. Multi-channel holographic security in the rotation of the logo, you will see in the logo of the same position on the different patterns.

Anti-counterfeiting patent: invisible encryption technology will be encrypted patterns produced in any position of the logo, can see the encryption patterns under the laser reappearance instrument. The 360° computer dot array holography can display the combination and transformation of radial, circular, spiral and other points of light within the observation range of 360° image, which is extremely dynamic. Double - layer holographic technology can lift the hologram logo, also can see the second security layer printed with patterns and words, with double security effect. The principle of fluorescence encryption holography is the same as that of RMB fluorescence encryption. Dynamic coding anti-counterfeiting is to put the trademark in front of the eyes, slowly turning the trademark will appear a continuous action of the pattern. The telephone code anti-counterfeiting mark is made by the combination of laser anti-counterfeiting technology and telephone code anti-counterfeiting technology. Nuclear micro - hole anti - counterfeiting logo by laser anti - counterfeiting technology and nuclear micro - hole anti - counterfeiting technology, only with a pen can distinguish the true and false. Gene anti - counterfeiting is to add gene factor in marking back gum, through special instrument for detection.

Commonly used is the laser rainbow molding hologram text anti-counterfeiting technology, it is the application of laser rainbow hologram platemaking technology and mold copy technology, on the production of a visual information.