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Make the security label real security

The editor:Huizhou sihui technology development co., LTD Release time:2018/10/11Browse the passengers:180time

Anti - counterfeit labels are an important means to combat and guard against counterfeit goods.
However, recent actual market research by the media has found that some products are clearly fake, but after being labeled with so-called "anti-fake labels", they are actually genuine products.
Anti - counterfeit labels no longer anti - counterfeit, can not be identified from the true or false. Network, two-dimensional code query results are also false content.
So how can we make anti - counterfeit labels really play a role in identifying the true and false?
As tesa scribos® has always emphasized: only when combined with a large amount of information on each label can an effective anti-counterfeiting protection be achieved.
Tesa scribos® security solution provides a unique logo for each product, each logo using a variety of different anti-counterfeiting technologies, making the logo easy for retailers, consumers, customs and brand owners to examine.
Overt and covert security markers are distributed across multiple authentication layers. Different groups of users can view different Numbers of security markers. However, the unique serial number of the goods on all verification layers is the same, so different verification features can be verified with each other.
The proprietary technology used by tesa scribos® is internally developed and globally unique. These technologies can also be used to secure current product identification system standards, such as MAPP codes for the automotive parts market
These labels are tesa scribos® manufactured in Germany specifically for brand owners, so third parties are not entitled to use these security solutions. These secret cutting-edge technology platform makes the label has a strong anti-counterfeiting performance.