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It took five years for DNP to invent the security

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Recently, the official website of Japan printing released a new security film hologram product "DNP hologram LED recognition". Under the illumination of the point-light LED on the smartphone, words and pictures will emerge on the surface, and the true and false can be judged by the emerging patterns.
The new security film hologram will go on sale in December.
 development background
To prevent the influx of counterfeit and pirated products, manufacturers such as automobile parts and industrial departments, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics use holograms to authenticate products. Before that, products are identified by looking at holograms through microscopes and special membranes.
But these identification tools are not available in all stores, and it is difficult for customs to ensure that every consumer can receive them. Therefore, a simpler method is needed to verify the authenticity.
According to this situation, a new type of hologram was developed. The hologram can be displayed under the illumination of the handheld LED and the light source of the smartphone, making it easier to verify the authenticity.
BBB 0 features of this product
The hologram has a subtle concave and convex shape, which receives light from an LED light source and presents text and patterns.
Standard leds such as hand-held leds and smart phones can also be used as light sources, saving labor and cost of identification tools such as popular microscopes and special films.
The authenticity of the hologram can be determined by cameras such as smart phones and sent to others by email to share the information remotely.
The new hologram does not change the original manufacturing process, nor does it increase the cost.
By combining with the original micro text security elements, the security level can be further improved.
| prospected
The hologram will be sold in the automotive and industrial sectors, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics markets, aiming for sales of 300 million yen in 2017.