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How to ensure accurate printing of color and conte

The editor:Huizhou sihui technology development co., LTD Release time:2014-7-1Browse the passengers:152time

Incorrect printing color is often the biggest concern of all customers. In particular, can not personally visit the printing factory at the machine customers. A lot of customers of Beijing printing factory say, when they are printing in the printing factory of the field, often also finish very quickly, but check after goods arrives, not be color gives a problem, the text that is above proofread has a problem, make a person very troublesome. The above phenomenon is almost non-existent in our Beijing printing factory, because our documents are made or sent to the customer for checking before confirming the order. Therefore, we need to pay attention to the following problems in the future: 1. The documents given by the customer are not printed documents, but when the manuscript is transferred into printed documents. 2. Documents given by the customer have not been transcribed. If you encounter any of the above problems, you should carefully check the printed documents. Otherwise, printing errors will be caused and unnecessary losses will be brought to you.