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Fantastic film for e-passport security protection

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May 15, 2012

The People's Republic of China has adopted common e-passports for private use throughout the country

How to effectively prevent document counterfeiting, strengthen personal identity security maintenance, security and anti-counterfeiting field has been the demand and trend.

A high-tech polymer material manufacturer in the field of security and anti-counterfeiting innovation, launched a series of innovative film solutions, to comply with the security and anti-counterfeiting field demands and trends, let the next generation of e-passport security without worry!

Follow the small series to get an in-depth understanding of it...

At the 12th card ticket security technology exhibition & summit BBS (SDS), costron demonstrated a series of innovative thin-film solutions. These include the debut of the thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) passport hinge solution Platilon® ID 9122 in China. Once the solution was launched, it received great attention and won the "blue shield cup" security and anti-counterfeiting technology innovation award, which was the fourth consecutive year that costron won the award. The product can securely embed a polycarbonate (PC) data page into a new generation of e-passports, one of the major trends in the security document industry. Therefore, Makrofol® ID 332, a super laser PC film that conforms to this trend, has also attracted much attention as the latest research and development result of costron.

In order to meet the differentiated needs of different certificate manufacturers such as card ticket signatures, cotron has developed a series of PC film solutions (Makrofol® and Bayfol®) and TPU film solutions (Platilon®) to help effectively prevent document counterfeiting and strengthen personal identity security.

Passport hinge solution

"Platilon® ID 9122 is a multilayer composite TPU film that integrates perfectly with the pc-based material pages and does not separate again unless the passport is damaged." "At the same time, TPU is similar to fabric, allowing a passport to open and close countless times without breaking or damage," said Markus Mingenbach, Asia Pacific director for special films in the coatings, adhesives and specialty chemicals business. Excellent thermoplasticity and flexibility make Platilon® ID 9122 an ideal material for protecting integrated chips, antennas, etc. The TPU hinge can be securely stitched into the passport using existing binding technology.

Strengthen security, improve the overall performance

According to customer requirements, Platilon® ID products can be given laser response properties to further enhance security and improve overall performance. Like the PC passport profile page, the Platilon® ID is customizable using standard laser etching equipment.

The thickness of the composite film is thinner than the single film, and the design freedom is greater, which can ensure excellent toughness and elasticity under the premise of making the data page thinner, greatly reducing the difficulty of security and anti-counterfeiting integration, thinner data page can also save costs.

Enhance contrast, safe and personalized

For high-security id and e-passport information pages, costron also demonstrated Makrofol® ID332, a super laser PC film solution, on SDS BBS. The product allows cardholders' profiles and photos to be personalized with laser etching, providing a higher contrast than conventional laser-reactive films. In this way, personal information can be integrated into the core membrane to provide better anti-counterfeiting protection.

The super laser PC film Makrofol® ID 332 is a faster and cheaper way to personalize your ID than conventional production. By developing such special thin films and patented super-laser technology, costron is able to lead the latest trends in the security document market.

Ultra-thin film makes chips invisible

On SDS BBS, costron also demonstrated other innovative product applications, such as the ultra-thin white PC film under the Makrofol® ID brand. Due to its excellent opacity, it can ensure that the chip and antenna are invisible to the naked eye when the card body thickness is thin. The thin film thickness of only 30/50 microns also makes it possible to compound more transparent film layers.