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Fake authenticity information service platform you

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Paula jean has been in China for many years

To get where we are today

Cannot leave treasure pink people love and spread

It's really because the fans used our products

See real improvement in your skin

Will continue to spread word of mouth


At the same time that Paula jean chose to check the skin of the powderers

Is also the interest of the unscrupulous traders targeted

So there's a lot of that in the market

Paula jean's pick of fakes

This behavior seriously damages our brand reputation at the same time

Also let unknown to buy fake treasure powder

Misjudged our product

The most serious is the interest of counterfeiters

The ingredients in the production of fake goods take profit as the first consideration

It is likely to do great harm to the skin of the powdery powdery people

It's called a "bad face."

Paula would never do anything that would hurt a fan like this

Sit down! See! No! Tube!

From now on

Any formal products that fans buy will come with it

Exclusive security verification label

Attention immediately

Paula jean chose official WeChat

Click the "security verification" menu below

Bottle one yard true and false immediately show


At present, there are two kinds of security verification labels

Pink and cyan

So don't panic when you receive either

Will gradually change to cyan version

SO ~

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