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Angle conversion security label
Carving gravure

Gravure engraving is the gravure gravure printing with engraving knife directly on the surface of the plate cylinder and corresponding to the original text and text gravure printing pits, according to the control method of carving knife can be divided into hand-carved gravure, mechanical gravure and electronic gravure gravure.

(1) hand-carved gravure

Hand-carved gravure is a technical staff with a carving knife on the surface of a printing plate cylinder in accordance with the original text and text made of manual carving, printing plate materials can be copper or steel plate. Manual labor, plate - making costs, long cycle. But hand-carved gravure lines, printing layers strong, difficult to forge. Mostly used to produce securities and high quality art printing gravure.

(2) mechanical engraving gravure

Mechanical engraving gravure is the use of mechanical control knife engraving on the surface of the plate cylinder, it reduces the manual carving of the hard work, plate-making speed, cycle is shorter, plate-making costs are lower. Mainly used for the production of securities printing gravure.

Because the above two kinds of engraving plate making the cost is higher, plate making cycle is long, so the scope of use is limited. But things are in two, on the anti - counterfeiting packaging, hand-carved gravure may be the best way to plate. Because secret anti-counterfeiting is a major method of anti-counterfeiting packaging, technical personnel in the process of hand-engraving gravure can use a variety of methods to carve out some secret, these hand-carved gravure on the secret is not easy to be found, it is more difficult to distinguish on the printed matter, which forms the secret anti-counterfeiting.

(3) electronic engraving gravure

This version is the electronic control device to control the engraving knife on the surface of a printing plate cylinder. Using the electronic engraving machine, according to the photoelectric principle, control the carving knife, carve out the net hole on the surface of the roller, its area and depth change at the same time.

Intaglio printing corrodes intaglio

Etching intaglio is in accordance with the original text and text with chemical corrosion method in the printing plate surface etch a pit made of ink. According to the original text and text conversion methods, can be divided into etching intaglio, photointaglio, dot intaglio.

Intaglio is made by engraving and etching in combination with platemaking. That is, the first hand carved out of the original text and text shape, and then use the method of corrosion out of gravure.

Photogravure is widely used, is the most used gravure printing plate, mainly used for printing and painting plate.

Dot gravure is mainly used for packaging and decoration printing and building materials printing.