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Alcohol anti-counterfeiting
Wine is popular everywhere in China, which makes people demand more and more wine. In addition, the profit of the alcohol industry is more, which also makes criminals carry out counterfeiting, this behavior seriously disrupted the order of the alcohol industry, counterfeit alcohol also has no protection for everyone. So how do we tell the difference? Below small make up for everyone to share how to identify alcohol security labels.

There are three types of wine traps:

One is shoddy, low-grade liquor filling to counterfeit packaging or recycling of the famous bottles posing as high-grade liquor sales;

Second, "alongside" brand name, deliberately product name, packaging design and well-known products similar;

Three is with "interior is supplied especially" "state orgnaization is supplied exclusively" wait for nominal misdirect consumer.

In addition, the loose liquor on the market has the characteristics of easy blending, hidden danger, high risk, which also needs to be on guard against.

Buy wine to "six look"

1. Look at the bottle shape

Many famous brands of liquor have unique bottle type, such as maotai has been using white cylindrical glass bottles for many years, the bottle body is smooth, without impurities. Fake wine bottle size varies, outer packing is old, no freshness, sealing is not strict or pressure teeth are not neat.

2. Look at the bottle cap

At present, most of the bottle caps of famous liquor in China use aluminum metal anti-theft caps, which are characterized by smooth cover body, uniform shape, easy to open, neat and clear patterns and characters on the lid, and strict matching. If counterfeit product, when turn over often drip leakage and go out, cover mouth is not easy to twist off, and design, character is ambiguous.

3. Packaging authenticity

Wine carton packaging in addition to fine printing, its edge seam neat tight, no uneven tightness, leaving gaps; Some bottle caps are also wrapped with plastic film, the packaging is very tight without soft phenomenon.

4, four look at internal quality

Qualified liquor should be colorless, transparent, no suspension and precipitation. For colorless clear glass packaging, take the bottle in your hand and slowly turn it upside down to see if there is any impurity.

5. Look at the printing

Good liquor label printing is very particular; The paper is fine and white, the font is clear, the color is bright and uniform, the pattern is accurate, the ink lines do not overlap, if there is English or pinyin letters, the size is the same.

In addition, there are many brands of liquor in the box or bottle cap using laser holographic anti-counterfeiting patterns, there are "flying" and "pentacle" two kinds, from a different perspective will show different colors, and can only be used once, a little damage can not be restored. Counterfeit wine trademark logo rough, color error, pattern blurred, and the real brand wine trademark logo appearance has obvious differences.

6, six look at the security label, sweep the security label

Now everyone's mobile phone is equipped with WeChat, use WeChat scan function aiming at the security qr code label, you can check the traceability information of wine, such as wine name, producer name, address, production date, product standard number and quality grade, ingredient list, alcohol content, net content, flavor and other information. Anti-counterfeiting traceability labels can not only check anti-counterfeiting, but also can receive red envelopes, increase the user's viscosity, improve the brand goodwill.