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3D anti-counterfeiting label
Photopolymer 3D anti-counterfeiting label is the latest anti-counterfeiting technology in the world. At home, the huge market demand, directly promote the rapid development of anti-counterfeiting industry; However, due to the asymmetry of market information, some companies are using are more common, carries an anti-counterfeit label for the technical content is relatively late and that counterfeiters use these bottom anti-counterfeiting technology of fraud emerge in endlessly, in order to put an end to fake and shoddy, the government should intensify efforts to investigate and punish, promote the consciousness to strengthen security, at the same time promoting high-tech anti-counterfeiting tag technology.

The principle of photonic polymer 3D anti-counterfeiting label is as follows: photonic polymer anti-counterfeiting label is a new type of 3D anti-counterfeiting label product, which is made of photosensitive materials with photonic polymer reaction nano-technology and processed by complex processes.